Get summer sports ready with Pulsin’s healthy, free-from sports nutrition range

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From The Women’s Euros and the Tour de France to the Commonwealth Games and the World Athletics Championships, Summer 2022 is promising to have us glued to our screens.  These exciting summer sports events also help inspire and motivate many of us to get out and get active, especially when the weather works in our favour!

You don’t need to be going for gold at the Commonwealth Games, or the Yellow Jersey at the Tour de France, it could be that you are aiming for a new PB on the bike at your local gym, or want to complete a couch to 5k. Whatever goal you have set, it’s important to look after your body inside and out, ensure you stay hydrated and get all the essential nutrients you need.

Pulsin’s range of sports and nutrition products, including plant-based, protein-rich powders and on-the-go choc-covered protein bars, help give you the energy and nutrition you need to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

Choc-covered protein bars

Pulsin’s mouth-watering plant-based choc-covered protein bars are a tasty, convenient way to boost your protein intake, giving you a sustained energy release without the crash. These naturally indulgent plant-based sports nutrition bars contain 15g of protein and less than 1g of sugar.  Made in the UK, Pulsin’s bars are packed with the goodness your body needs. They’re also completely free-from gluten, dairy, palm oil and trans fats, and are suitable for vegans. Available in Cookie Dough and Choc Fudge.  RRP £2.29 per bar.

Plant-based protein powders

Containing around 80% protein, Pulsin’s plant-based protein powders are designed to aid recovery after workouts and boost muscle growth. Whether you’re mixing the powder to create a shake, or adding to meals and recipes, Pulsin is available in unflavoured (pea, rice, soya, hemp, faba bean) which can be added to recipes, or flavoured powders (Chocolate Pea and Vanilla Faba Bean), perfect for on-the-go protein shakes.  No palm oil, gluten-free, plant-based and suitable for vegetarians. RRP £8.99 (250g) or £19.99 (1kg).

Pulsin only uses the highest quality premium natural ingredients.  The plant protein sources in the bars and powders have a number of added functional benefits. With a loyal customer base, all Pulsin products are focused on what consumers need without compromising on the taste or quality, so we taste great, and you feel great.

If you are looking for a tasty nutritional free-from alternative to snacks and sport supplements this summer, try Pulsin.