innocent Drinks’ new Smoothie

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innocent Drinks, the leading smoothie brand, has announced the launch of a new ‘Blueberry Focus’ Super Smoothie as part of its top-selling functional smoothie range.

Blueberry Focus is the latest addition to innocent’s popular line-up of Super Smoothies including ‘Energise’ and ‘Invigorate’. The new addition to the range will be available in over 4,000 stores across major grocery and convenience retailers.

This new smoothie offers a delicious blend of crushed blueberries, strawberries, apples, rhubarb, and spirulina, plus added vitamins. It comes in both a 300ml ‘on-the-go’ size for £2.50, as well a larger 750ml bottle for the fridge with an RRP of £4.50.

Functional smoothies are a the fastest growing segment within the Smoothies category in the UK. innocent’s nutritionist Louisa Handley continued: “We know more UK consumers are looking for ways to increase their health and wellbeing, with a growing demand for products that offer a positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition.

“Along with being packed full of fruit & veg, innocent’s Super Smoothie range are high in added vitamins and contain extra ingredients such as flax seeds, spirulina, and guarana. Each Super Smoothie flavour provides a specific health benefit for drinkers, such as helping to support energy, immunity, and mental performance.”

With a growing demand for food and drink products that support cognitive health, new Blueberry Focus has added Vitamin B5, which helps with focus and mental clarity, as well as Vitamin C which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

“This smoothie is the perfect pick-me-up to combat the pre-lunch or afternoon slump, especially when you have a growing to-do list,” said Charlotte Wright, Brand & Portfolio Manager at innocent Drinks. “We can’t wait to see Blueberry Focus hit shelves over the coming months as we look to offer consumers an added-benefit smoothie that doesn’t compromise on taste, while continuing to bring new news and excitement to the Chilled Smoothies category”.

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