Kirker Greer Spirits have just unveiled the latest addition to the whiskey category, Bowsaw Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Distilled and matured in the north of Kentucky near the mighty Ohio River,

Bowsaw Straight Bourbon Whiskey has a unique mash bill comprising 75% corn, 21% rye and 4% barley.  Using a 21% high rye mash bill, it is aged for over 3 years in new #4 char American oak barrels before bottling at 40%. The result is a sweet, toasted oak aroma with mellow flavours of vanilla and honey with a spicy rye finish.

Bowsaw American Whiskey is rooted in the heart of Kentucky whiskey-making, one of the great American traditions. With greatness in mind, Bowsaw has chosen its partners carefully and curate unique expressions from two prized distilleries in the north of Kentucky, who combined enjoy over 350 years of distilling heritage and pedigree. Each cask is chosen for unique qualities with a view to celebrating the diverse landscape of American Whiskey expressions.

Steven Pattison, CEO of Kirker Greer Spirits said: “We are delighted to extend our Bowsaw range with this brilliant bold bourbon which really packs a punch with incredibly rich flavours – a sweet, toasted oak aroma with mellow flavours of vanilla with honey and a spicy rye backbone to finish. Perfect for enjoying by itself or in our suggested serves.

This first release has been matured over 3 years in new American charred oak barrels, future releases will be further aged as stock is still in cask. The unique hand-finished bottle also complements the whiskey’s sense of craft and character.”

Within the Bowsaw range is Bowsaw Straight Corn Whiskey (70cl, 40%) which recently won Silver at the prestigious International Spirits Challenge 2020.

About Kirker Greer Spirits

Kirker Greer Spirits distribute to over 30 countries across the globe with distribution hubs in the UK, Europe, USA and Africa. Their brands include Jawbox Small Batch Irish Gin, Kirker Irish Whiskey, Bowsaw American Whiskey, Ginato Italian Gin, UKIYO Japanese Spirits, Braemble Blackberry Liqueur, Red Bonny Guyanese Dark Rum, Grand Kadoo Bajan Rum and Highball Express Caribbean Rum.

Our Thoughts

On the nose Bowsaw is very mellow, with butter, popcorn and an interesting creamy profile scent. Not very spicy despite the rye content. Fairly sweet, but nothing too overpowering.

It’s butter, popcorn, light saltiness, with the creaminess from the buttery note and even slight bitter woody note. It does remain as a semi-long finish, but the profile does not overstay its welcome.

The finish is very mellow. A solid corn whiskey.

I enjoyed it over a small amount of ice but it really came into its own when paired with a mixer or used as a base for an old fashioned.

Where to buy

Bowsaw Straight Corn Whiskey and Bowsaw Straight Bourbon Whiskey are both available now priced at £33.95 and £35.95 at,, and

For more information on Bowsaw Whiskey please visit and for more information on Kirker Greer Spirits please visit

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