Isabelle Hefford, Founder - Drift Drinks

New online retailer of craft alcohol alternatives celebrates early success

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Drift Drinks, an online retailer dedicated to providing great-tasting craft alcohol alternatives, has celebrated early success having established partnerships with over 20 brands since launching in November 2021.

With a clear vision to become the ‘home of craft alcohol alternatives’, Drift Drinks was inspired by brand marketing specialist, Isabelle Hefford, following her own personal struggle to find a variety of great tasting low-to-no alcohol drinks.

The business is fast becoming a leading online retailer in the alcohol alternative space, with brand partners including Athletic Brewing, Savyll Cocktails and Impossibrew, which recently featured on popular BBC series, Dragon’s Den.

Committed to providing consumers with a carefully curated online store, Drift Drinks enables them to discover and shop great-tasting alcohol alternatives, whilst offering brands a dedicated platform to reach new audiences and drive business growth.

As a result, the online retailer has far exceeded its first-quarter growth targets by 260% and has been overwhelmed by the positive response from such a wide spread of consumers – comprising of fitness enthusiasts and new and expecting parents, to career people that want a mid-week drink but can’t afford the hangover.

Isabelle Hefford, founder of Drift Drinks, confirmed: “I founded the concept for Drift Drinks in autumn 2021 after discovering how many independent breweries there are, but how limited retail exposure they have. Despite the accelerated growth of the industry in recent years, the choices in the supermarkets and hospitality venues are still behind the trend.

“Not only are we passionate about discovering new craft alcohol alternatives that taste better than the real thing, but we are also committed to shifting the ‘sober’ industry perception and providing quality drinks for those seeking more balance in their lives.

“I am incredibly encouraged by the positive response received to date and the growing movement towards mindful drinking. It’s been amazing to see the breadth of consumers we have already reached, and how so many people are looking to positively change their lifestyle choices. I look forward to establishing Drift Drinks as the home of craft alcohol alternatives during 2022 and beyond.”

As well as offering a vast range of low-to-no alcohol beer, cider, kombucha and cocktails sold individually or as part of a ‘Discovery Box’, Drift Drinks also prides itself on stocking low-sugar, vegan and functional drinks which include natural adaptogens to help improve focus, aid relaxation, or increase performance.