Oddlygood makes debut with Asda listing and seven figure marketing investment

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Pioneering Finnish plant-based brand, Oddlygood, is making its UK major multiples oat drink debut, supported by a seven-figure marketing investment and led by its new global campaign, An Ode to Oddness.

The brand has just launched a new range of Barista Oat Drinks into Asda stores. Initially this will be two of the brand’s flavoured Barista Oat Drinks, alongside two of its Dreamy Desserts. In June, its original Barista Oat Drink will roll out to drive further market expansion.

The innovative lineup is 100% plant-based and gluten-free. It contains: the Vanilla Flavour Barista Oat Drink (RRP £2.50) with comforting notes of vanilla essence and a creamy texture, the Salted Caramel Flavour Barista Oat Drink (RRP £2.50) subtly sweet and perfectly balanced, the Barista Oat Drink (RRP £2.00) a traditional oat drink with superior taste, the Dreamy Lemon Dessert (RRP £1.50) a zesty treat with a refreshing tanginess, and the Dreamy Berry Dessert (RRP £1.50) which has juicy mixed berry flavours with a rich, indulgent texture.

The brand was born from the innovation teams at Valio, Finland’s leading dairy brand and a major player in the international dairy products market. Oddlygood’s products are developed by its unique global team of dairy experts, with the aim of addressing the growing demand for quality plant-based products. As a result, its new Barista Oat Drink range showcases superior taste and functionality – key purchase drivers in the market.

The high protein content (1.2g per 100g) enables excellent foamability, perfect for coffee enthusiasts and the result of close collaboration with baristas during product development. They also deliver on versatility working brilliantly in smoothies and even baking.

A number of the brand’s UK products (Barista Oat Drink, Vanilla Flavour Barista Oat Drink, Dreamy Berry Dessert and Dreamy Caramel Dessert) have won Great Taste Awards, which is testament to the brand’s quality and innovation.

The brand has made significant investment into its manufacturing method to ensure product quality and minimal wastage; unlike many leading brands it uses 100% of the oat flour.

Since launching in 2018, Oddlygood has seen huge success in Europe where it is a key player in the plant-based drinks category, including its native Finland where it is growing ahead of the market. On a global level the brand has grown 40% YoY.

It is now driving its UK expansion, following its launch into the market last June. Oddlygood’s Dreamy Desserts are currently available in Tesco and Morrisons. The brand’s innovative pipeline, product quality and significant marketing investment aims to drive cut through in a competitive UK category.