Former DJ duo debut world’s first flavoured brazil nut

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Leading Agritech group and one of Latin America’s fastest growing businesses, White Lion Foods launch the World’s first flavoured brazil nut range of snacks under the TrulyNuts! brand. White Lion Foods has demonstrated unwavering commitment to sustainability in its eleven years in business, and is now channelling 25% of its profits into Amazon Rainforest projects that benefit local communities and the environment.

The Truly Nuts! brazil nut range offers twelve varieties including hot chilli, chocolate covered, smoked flavour and raw alongside other healthy mixed nut, cashew and almond options.

In 2022, a global survey across 12 nations revealed a more than 40% surge in taking a morning snack and more than 20% uptake in an afternoon snack which reflects a profound shift towards frequent grazing throughout the day. With their exceptionally high selenium content, brazil nuts can benefit your health in many ways, including regulating your thyroid, reducing inflammation, and supporting your heart, brain, and immune system.

“At a time when health concerns are high on the agenda the launch of a healthy brazil nut snack underscores the desirability of providing better choices,” said CEO and Co-Founder of Truly Nuts! Gareth Lloyd. “Amid soaring rates of diabetes and endemic obesity, especially in advanced economies like the UK, we want to offer a snack that not only feels like a treat, but prioritises health and wellbeing.”

Undeterred by other industry giants in the market, the company has embraced the “get big, get niche, or get out” philosophy and will leverage its own already established local supply chain in the Amazon to harvest 4,000 metric tonnes of Brazil nuts a year. The UK are leading the product rollout with further plans to expand into Singapore, North America, South Korea, Australia, and the rest of Europe.

Flavouring brazil nuts is challenging which may have deterred mass production in the past. However, while these challenges have historically limited routes to the market, new innovative techniques and state of the art technology used by the company has allowed them the opportunity to become trailblazers in a niche market segment.
“Everyone said it couldn’t be done and we had our fair share of doubters,” said Co-Founder of Truly Nuts! Greg Vickers. “Ensuring that flavourings penetrate the nut’s surface uniformly and remain stable throughout production and storage can be a complex process.”

In addition to giving 25% of profits back to the Amazon rainforest Truly Nuts! has joined forces with One Tree Planted, a like-minded organisation dedicated to combating climate change, preserving biodiversity and reforesting the planet through tree planting. Truly Nuts! has pledged not only to plant trees but also to invest in agro-farming education, promoting sustainable agricultural practices and rejuvenating degraded lands.

The company’s primary objective is to plant 1 million trees near their facility in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. These trees will form an ‘agro-forest’ consisting of cacao as the main crop, complemented by shadow-providing plants like banana or papaya, and a recovery crop such as guava. Additionally, the agro-forest will feature both fast-growing and slow-growing timber species.