Popcorn Kitchen

Simply put, Popcorn Kitchen is a small batch, artisanal operation that only works with best-in-class ingredients and stubbornly refuses to be party to any ‘quick-fix,’ synthetic short-cuts.  

The packaging from Popcorn Kitchen has a minimalist design, which makes the nutritional information of each product easy to process. Each piece of packaging uses just three colours, which match the product flavours extremely well. The use of a light cream as the primary colour gives the range a ‘homely appearance’, suggesting that this product is perfect for a movie night, which it is!

Overall, the packaging will be eye-catching on any store shelf; It has a great use of colour and communicates all the information you need quickly.

Popcorn Kitchen is very mindful of its impact on the wider environment. The company has made significant strides over the last two years to minimise this impact. All the packaging is now produced in the UK to save needless food miles; the bottles are PET and fully recyclable, plus Popcorn Kitchen has reduced plastic waste by 10%.

All the flavours we tried tasted great! A highlight for us, however, was the lemon drizzle popcorn, which was bursting with explosive flavour. Popcorn Kitchen has made a perfectly balanced product – they are sweet and FULL of flavour – yet the taste never became sickly. We were all highly impressed.

The chocolate mint left us divided, it was very much a divisive issue. People either loved it or hated it, but the ones who loved it, totally loved it. Honestly, they could not get enough chocolate mint popcorn. It’s a must-try flavour, that’s for sure!

Our rating  8/10

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