ADRIATICO Bianco, A New Generation of Premium Amaretto

ADRIATICO launched in September 2019 and is a range of two new generation, premium amarettos, made from handpicked Italian almonds and 100% natural, Italian ingredients in Puglia. The all-natural ingredients in ADRIATICO bring a much more floral touch that when sipped neat, or paired with a ginger beer or tonic, will delight lovers of this rediscovered liqueur.

These premium AMARETTOS are Gluten Free and Vegan Certified and ADRITATICO is the only Vegan Amaretto in the world as the range is lactose free.

The Bottle
The colours on the bottle label are reminiscent of the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, illuminated by the golden rays of sun, which surround the beautifully preserved landscape of Puglia. The hexagonal shape of the bottle is inspired by the medieval architecture of Castel del Monte, the design of which follows the Golden Ratio of “divine” ergonomics

ADRIATICO Bianco Amaretto
An alternative to traditional Amaretto is ADRIATICO Bianco (White), made from crushed almonds. This unique white liqueur is made from chopped and soaked white almonds, creating a silky liqueur with vanilla notes.

Our Thoughts
We here at Inside Food and Drink were lucky enough to have the opportunity to sample ADRIATICO Bianco. In the simplest way, you could think of this a just a cream version of the classic amaretto; but this is anything but simple. While it does have some of the same basic flavour profiles as your standard amaretto, I find this to be more nuanced and a bit more complex.

As described, it is certainly a silky and quaffable liqueur. It has distinctly creamy, nutty, and boozy almond profile; yet without much alcoholic burn, just enough to know that it’s there. You could draw somewhat of a parallel to an Irish cream with amaretto overtones. However, while Bianco has a well sugared flavour like the aforementioned Irish cream, Bianco is a thinner liquid – which I actually prefer.

This thinner texture, coupled with its silky mouthfeel makes for a surprisingly refreshing liqueur. I particularly enjoyed it on its own over ice. But it also makes a great addition to a coffee or even over ice cream.

To conclude, ADRIATICO Bianco Amaretto is a modern twist on an older style of liqueur and a truly premium offering at that. I can see this as a welcome addition to anyone’s drinks cabinet… Just don’t expect for it to be in there for long.

ADRIATICO Amaretto Blanco RRP £28.99 for 70 cl. ABV 16%

Available from: Amazon, Harvey Nichols, The Whisky Exchange, Master of Malt, The Drinks Shop and Eataly.

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