Moons Green Charcuterie

If you want to find Britain’s most exciting pair of charcutiers, go no further than Owley Farm in the heart of the Kentish Weald. Here you’ll discover British Charcuterie pioneers, and the inventors of Beer Sticks, John Doig and Ian Jones, the owners of Moons Green Charcuterie.

More than 20 different varieties of saucissons are produced at Moons Green Charcuterie. Using British ingredients at every opportunity, these air-dried meats are all melt-in-the-mouth local versions of European classics. British versions of prosciutto, loma, coppa, bresaola, and chorizo are all made by hand.

Moons Green offers both whole and pre-sliced versions of most products – including an instant charcuterie board.

Highlights of some of the mouth-watering products include Rosemary and Garlic Saucisson, John’s perfect English saucisson with a strong nod towards Europe. Next up, Amazing Chorizo is the result of a recipe from the 18th century that gets to the heart of authenticity. And finally, Wild Mushroom and Truffle Saucisson is a superb rustic saucisson that delivers exactly what it says on the label.

Ian – Art Director: “The quality of ingredients really stood out. The chorizo was full of flavour without being too spicy and various saucisson will make a premium addition to any picnic. The charcuterie just screamed luxury and the beer sticks were a revelation in flavour.”

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