Perthyn – Four Welsh icons united through friendships to create the spirit of belonging.

Perthyn (pronounced Pear-thin) is a Low Alcohol Spirit with its roots firmly planted in Wales. The name Perthyn means ‘Belonging’ in Welsh and encapsulates the friendship of four Welsh rugby icons who came together in 2021 to create a low alcohol spirit, full of flavour and perfect for mixing with tonic or in cocktails.

The Founders
In 2008, James Hook, Lee Byrne, Mike Phillips and Shane Williams were key members of the team that won the Rugby Grand Slam for Wales, earning them the name The Fab Four. This achievement formed a firm bond between the players and gave them a sense of belonging which they have captured in Perthyn.

The Spirit
Perthyn is distilled at the Cardiff Distillery using locally and responsibly sourced botanicals wherever possible. The resulting liquid is a zesty 10% ABV low alcohol spirit with notes of citrus, cardamon and thyme. The cloudiness in the liquid is caused by the natural oils that come from the citrus fruit during the distillation process.

The Bottle
The “H” in the name Perthyn depicts the rugby posts on a rugby pitch and the number on the bottle represents the number of botanicals. The logo with four lines, in the shape of a cross on the bottle label, represents the friends that make up ‘The Fab Four’.

Our Thoughts
This is an interesting drink, not just because of the story behind it but because it also encapsulates the moving times. Recent years have seen a boom in sales of low or no alcohol beverages, with this market segment growing by +6% in key global markets in 2021. Now commanding 3.5% of volume within the industry, there is never a better time for Perthyn to make its entrance on to the pitch. This low alcohol spirit is perfect for “health-focused individuals who want to feel included without having to compromise on taste or wellbeing”.

According to research by the IWSR, moderation is the most common reason for using no/low products, however the flavour is anything but moderate, Perthyn is bursting with it. The brand says that it is “the perfect balance of 12 of the finest botanicals for a zesty spirit with notes of citrus, cardamom and thyme” and I am one to agree; it is perfectly balanced, poised even.

Its lower alcohol content means that there is little to no detectable burn on the palette when drinking. But when drank over ice, the botanical hit you with the strength of a Prop and when mixed with tonic or lemonade they loosen up, dancing over your tongue with the nimbleness of a Winger.   This is an excellent drink, it really is. Not least because of the taste, but also because of what it represents, friendship and inclusion. Now who couldn’t toast to that.

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