Petrossian, The House of Caviar, Excellence Since 1920

From Paris to New York, Petrossian continues to rely on 100 years of know-how à la française.

For the sake of our picnic round up, we focused on Petrossian’s seafood products – along with an extra sweet treat.

The first is the emperor of ocean treats, a caviar masterpiece. Ossetra Tsar Impérial™ is a caviar that’s dark amber to golden in colour, with a firm and sensual texture. The Petrossian Tsar Impérial caviars are selected for their complexity of flavour and persistence.

Tarama with caviar is a salted, beechwood-smoked cod roe blended into a paste. This tarama is mixed with different ingredients to make a flavourful, luxurious cream that is generously seasoned with Petrossian caviar. This is a creamy, smooth tarama, with a gentle flavour of smoked fish that’s heightened by the subtly briny flavour of caviar. A second, equally delicious tarama sees the caviar replaced by black truffle.

Petrossian’s unique savoury macarons are handmade in Suffolk using only the finest ingredients. The Italian meringue shells are made with free range eggs and the filling uses Petrossian’s signature products to create delicious and innovative flavour combinations. Which one will you prefer? caviar & gold, chocolate & black truffle or wasabi & smoked salmon?

As an after meal sweet treat, add some of Petrossian’s sweet macarons with 12 flavours ranging from salted caramel, pistachio, milk chocolate and blackcurrant.

John – Managing Director: “The caviar had a wonderful full-bodied taste. While not being as salty as one might expect, the complexity of flavours shines through. The tarama was a creamy, full flavoured sensation. While smoky, there was no overpowering of the delicate nature of the fish. The sweet and savoury juxtaposition that was present within the macarons was an event to remember in itself.”

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