Bruce Mouat, 28, from Edinburgh Hammy McMillan, 30, from Stranraerr Bobby Lammie, 25, from Stranraer Grant Hardie, 30, from Dumfries

Scotland’s only Scotch cream liqueur scores drinks brand deal with Olympic team

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The Scottish men’s Olympic curling team has kick-started the winter competition series in Canada by unveiling its new official kit and sponsorship deal with Scotland’s only Scotch malt whisky cream liqueurbrand, Magnum.

Led by Edinburgh-born skipper, Bruce Mouat (28), the team of four men from Edinburgh, Stranraer and Dumfries, took home the silver medal at the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.

With support from Magnum Cream Liqueur, ‘Team Mouat’ now has its sights set on rising to the top of the curling world in Canada this winter and spring 2023, by competing in Grand Slam of Curling Tour Challenge, Grand Prairie (October); Grand Slam of Curling Masters, Oakville (6th-11th December); Grand Slam of Curling Canadian Open, Camrose (10th-15th January); and Grand Slam of Curling Player Championships, Toronto (11th-16th April).

‘Team Mouat’ will be proudly wearing their new navy, white and gold shirts during every official match in Canada, featuring Magnum’s distinctive red and green logo, and unique flask container design.

Since launching the Scottish Liqueur in Canada in 2018, Magnum has quickly established itself in Ontario and Quebec, with the first orders on their way to British Columbia and Alberta. Magnum, which is crafted and bottled in Edinburgh, is now available in over 350 outlets across Canada.

Ontario is one of the world’s largest cream liqueur markets and has a significant Scottish influence, with around 18 per cent of Ontarians claiming Scottish heritage.

Magnum’s provenance and credentials allowed the brand to gain market momentum and secure its position as the only scotch malt whisky cream liqueur available in Canada in under a year, making it the ideal brand partner for the Scottish men’s Olympic curling team in Canada.

“Being a Scottish curling team that spends half the winter competing in Canada,” Team Mouat Skipper Bruce Mouat said, “our new brand partnership with Magnum felt like the perfect fit. Magnum is an Edinburgh-based Scottish brand, but one of its biggest export markets is Canada. We as a team had been looking for a Scottish-Canadian link and we think we’ve found that with Magnum. We’re really looking forward to seeing our partnership flourish over the winter into spring next year.”

Magnum is a fusion of single malt Scotch whisky and cream. Its superior ingredients and contemporary design set it apart from traditional liqueurs. It is contained in a unique, stainless-steel flask, which is designed to be reusable and recyclable. It also keeps the liqueur chilled at the optimum temperature, without the need for ice.

Edinburgh-based Hemisphere Brands is the global brand agent for Magnum and manage the brand from production planning through to the strategy for market entry, as well as executing the sales, marketing and distribution plan.

“We’re really proud to be the official premium brand sponsor of the Scottish men’s Olympic curling team, who are an amazing group of guys,” ‘Team Mouat’ Magnum Director Lee Schofield said. “We recognised that Scotland and Canada share a passion for curling, single malt Scotch whisky and cream liqueurs, as well as Canadian-Scots heritage, so we jumped at the chance to bring these two great nations closer together by supporting our national men’s team in Canada.

“The people of Ontario have already taken Magnum to their hearts and allowed us to engage with one of the world’s largest and fastest growing cream liqueur markets. Magnum has now taken the crown as the only scotch malt whisky cream liqueur available in the Canadian province, making it an instantly recognisable premium brand on Team Mouat’s new shirts.

“We wish Team Mouat every success in Canada this winter and are confident they’ll do Scotland proud.”

For more information about Magnum, click here.

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