Showerings Triple Vintage launches a new category defining luxury cider

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Showerings Triple Vintage has officially launched a new category defining luxury cider. Produced in Somerset, the homeland of British cider making, Showerings is an elegantly dry, gently carbonated and deeply cultured cider that has been created using techniques requiring as much experience and attention-to-detail as those used in the creation of fine wines. Triple Vintage is available to purchase online via Showerings website for £45 for a case of 12 x 375ml bottles.

For its debut launch, the youthfully light and fresh 2021 vintage has been blended with 2017 and 2018 vintages, then slowly fermented for a mature depth and character. The apples (predominantly the Dabinett variety) are grown from a single award-winning orchard by an expert horticulturalist before being selected, harvested and taken to the Showerings’ cider mill just seven miles away. Once pressed, each batch sits and settles for a minimum of four months, allowing the sharper edges of tannins and acidities to soften to the requisite mellow fruitfulness.

The Showering Family has been perfecting their cider making skills for over 170 years, and to create a Triple Vintage blend they even pioneered a special cool fermentation process – a slow-moving maturation that uses both wild and house yeasts to turn the apples’ natural sugars into alcohol to create complex flavours. 

Showerings Triple Vintage is naturally golden in colour with distinctive bittersweet flavours complemented by notes of hazelnut, cedarwood, red apple and apricot. It combines the character and complexities of the best wines with cider’s unique ability to refresh and re-invigorate.

“The ambition for Showerings Triple Vintage is simple – to change the perception of cider drinking and give it a long overdue and deserved place at any Michelin-starred table,” Nick Showering, Founder said.

“Over the last five years we have overcome many technical challenges to craft a genuine Triple Vintage Cider that is truly exceptional,” Bob Cork, Head Cider Maker, said. “We have created a new technique for blending different vintages to produce what I believe to be the most complex and refreshing cider on the market. After many years working in the cider business, I feel privileged to be part of making such a prestigious cider that has exceeded all our expectations.”