Something big has landed: NOMO launches new Cookie Dough bar

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NOMO has launched its biggest chocolate bar yet. The chunky Cookie Dough block bar is made with the brands famous creamy choc which provides a velvety coating around crumbly sweet cookie dough.  

The new Cookie Dough block bar has been created as part of the brands innovation drive within the growing Free From and Vegan Chocolate category, now worth £57,874,469 (+10.4% at 52 weeks YA). It will bring an in-demand flavour to a free from audience all-year-round, cementing cookie dough as a staple of NOMO’s range.  

It follows the huge success of the brands seasonal cookie dough formats. NOMO’s Cookie Dough Reindeer was the best-selling free from impulse buy in its debut year (+94.6% value sales YA, sold £520,272 / 641,578 units at 86.8% YA). Whilst its new Cookie Dough Egg and Bunny combo picked up gold at the Free From Food awards earlier this year.  

The 150g block bar is designed to be big enough that cookie dough fans can share it with fellow chocolate lovers – or entice mainstream chocolate consumers to the brand.  

Like all NOMO products, the sweet indulgent treat is radically inclusive being free from dairy, gluten, egg and nuts – ensuring no one misses out on the taste of great chocolate. It can be found in the free from aisles of four major retailers with an MRRP of £3: available now at Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Tesco. The bar will also be available from Waitrose on 3rd July.

NOMO is the no. 1 Vegan & free from Brand and double the size of its nearest competitor. NOMO accounts for 16% of the Vegan and Free From chocolate category and has grown 1.6 percentage points vs the same time last year. 

The NOMO AYR range accounts for the largest portion of sales for the NOMO brand and is in growth. NOMO AYR is worth £6,301,885 / +7.9% YA and NOMO’s value share of AYR is 13.1%, which is up 0.2% YA from 12.9% YA. 

“Cookie dough is a flavour that has been a huge success at Easter and Christmas, so we are delighted to be able to offer it all year-round with our biggest chocolate bar yet,” Jac Tyrrell, Brand Manager for NOMO said. “It is designed to share and is radically inclusive – being free from dairy, gluten, egg and nuts.

“NOMO is a major innovator within the Free From and Vegan Chocolate category with our newest bar adding to our rapidly expanding range of flavours and formats. Our loyal customers know where to find us – but for newcomers enticed by the bar, we can be found in the free from aisle or purchased directly through our website!”