Spirit of Summer: Grant’s Launches Summer Orange

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Grant’s announces the launch of its first ever flavoured whisky – Summer Orange. Flavoured whiskies are capturing the imagination of non-whisky drinkers and Grant’s Summer Orange is a perfect refreshing and delicious take on it.

Bursting with natural citrusy orange flavours and Sicilian orange extract, Grant’s Summer Orange is a vibrant alternative to the usual old classic cocktails, the unexpected twist of flavour energetically embodies the taste of summer in a glass.

Whether your vibe this summer is park picnics, BBQs or listening to a chilled soundtrack kicking back with mates, Grant’s Summer Orange is guaranteed to bring the sunshine from Golden Hour sundowners all the way to sunrise.

While the recommended serve is long and refreshing – with soda or lemonade, a slice of orange and over bucket loads of ice – the best way to enjoy Grant’s Summer Orange is with your crew as the sun goes down.

Daniel Dyer, Grant’s Global Brand Ambassador said: “Whisky and orange is a fantastic combination made for summer evenings and perfect to enjoy with friends.

“Grant’s love people to get together with their crew to shoot the breeze and came up with Summer Orange for those magical moments with friends as the sun lowers and the warm air covers you like a blanket.

“So, whether you’re a whisky newbie or aficionado, grab a bottle and go and meet your friends after work or at a party or at a picnic – it’s summer fun in a bottle!”

Grant’s Summer Orange will be available to purchase in reputable retailers across Europe in 70cl bottles from the 4th May.