The Coconut Collab launches barista-style M!LK™

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The Coconut Collab, a British-born business which produces a delicious range of coconut-based products, has announced the launch of M!LK™ – a game-changing, barista-style M!LK™ that looks, tastes and behaves just like its dairy counterparts.

Initially available exclusively through Ocado (RRP. £2.35, 1L), M!LK™ is setting a new standard for plant-based milk, with customers no longer needing to compromise on taste or quality when opting for a dairy alternative. M!LK™ froths fantastically, does not split when warmed, and will not alter the taste profile of your tea, making it the perfect addition to hot drinks, smoothies, cereals and everything else you like to use milk in.

Like all coconut-based deliciousness from The Coconut Collab, M!LK™ harnesses the power of the humble coconut, using only ethically-farmed coconuts, which are naturally low in sugar and full of minerals, electrolytes and healthy fats. The Coconut Collab also ensures that 100% of the coconuts sourced to create its yoghurts, creams, desserts and M!LK™ are used within its supply chain, with zero wastage as a result.

“Taste has always been at the heart of The Coconut Collab’s proposition and our latest launch M!LK™ is no exception to this,” explained James Averdieck, Founder of The Coconut Collab. “We know that one in three Brits are drinking plant-based milk, however we also know that almost every variant currently available on supermarket shelves influences the taste profile of the end product – whether this is a cup of tea or a bowl of cereal. That is until now, with M!LK™ offering our customers an unrivalled and uncompromising plant-based milk alternative that we can’t wait for them to try.”

The Coconut Collab has seen huge success with its coconut-based range of yoghurts, creams and desserts. Its natural yoghurt is the UK’s leading dairy-free coconut yoghurt, while its plant-based Double Cre&m, described as ‘wonderfully whippable’, has been offered as the dairy-free option at

the Wimbledon Championships for the last two years, illustrating both its taste credentials, and product quality. The Coconut Collab’s range is available at leading supermarkets and grocery retailers across the UK, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Asda, Morrisons and Co-op.

The Coconut Collab recently appointed Anna Dominey to the role of Managing Director. In her previous role as UK General Manager for Remedy Drinks, Ms Dominey was responsible for growing the business from its infancy to its current position as the UK’s leading kombucha.

“The Coconut Collab has a loyal and growing customer base, and a renowned reputation for its delicious, thick and creamy coconut-based range that offers an unparalleled alternative to dairy,” Ms Dominey explained. “There is huge headroom for growth; research tells us that a quarter of all British people will be vegetarian by 2025, while half of us will identify as flexitarians. This makes it an exciting time for us to introduce M!LK to our range.”