Coffee but not as you’d expect…

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Expert coffee roasters John Farrer & Co, based in Kendal, in the Lake District, have joined forces with multi-award winning Beartown Brewery, Congleton, Cheshire to craft a beer with a twist.

Keen to experiment with different flavours Head Brewer Graham Nelson approached the team at the UK’s oldest coffee roaster, John Farrer & Co, to see if they would be happy to work with Beartown Brewery to create something just a little bit different.

Working with quality ingredients the two businesses came together to craft a beer designed to perfectly marry the rich, aromatic flavours of expertly roasted espresso coffee beans with the depth and complexity of a finely crafted stout and in doing so Lakeland Nightfall Coffee Stout was born.

With a name inspired by old poetic descriptions of the coming of darkness, Lakeland Nightfall fuses over 200 years of Farrer’s coffee roasting expertise with decades of brewing know-how from Beartown Brewery.

Every drop of this 4.9% ABV beer delivers a rich and complex full-bodied stout, brimmed full of robust coffee flavours, hints of bittersweet chocolate, caramel, and dark fruits including raisins and plums, all nicely rounded off with a touch of vanilla and a subtle smokiness which adds real depth of flavour.

“Coffee is the perfect ingredient to add to a stout,” Joseph Manning, Beartown Brewery’s Managing Director, said. “It stands out and doesn’t get lost in the beer, especially if you take your time to choose the right coffee. There’s no doubt that coffee provides beer makers with some really interesting opportunities, especially if they want to craft some unusual upfront beers for their customers.

“I’d done my homework and felt that Farrer’s Classic Espresso might work well to infuse our stout with. So, between us we thought let’s give it ago and get a warming beer ready for winter and Lakeland Nightfall was born.” 

“I was massively invested when Beartown Brewery approached us to see if we could work together, especially as we would be combining our expert coffee knowledge with their considerable skill at crafting award-winning beers,” Rob Baines, John Farrer & Co’s General Manager, said. “As soon as they mentioned that they were looking to use our Classic Espresso I was on the same page.

“When you taste Lakeland Nightfall you quickly realise that this beautifully balanced beer showcases the depth and complexity of our hand roasted coffee, which combines perfectly with Beartown’s artisan crafted stout – just the thing for sipping and savouring on a chilly winter’s evening.’’