PDO Halloumi Cheese Organic by Charalambides Christis Ltd, wins Silver at World Cheese Awards 2022

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Charalambides Christis Ltd., from Cyprus has been named among the winners at the World Cheese Awards, which was held at the International Convention Centre Wales in Newport, on Wednesday 2nd of November. Standing out from the 4,434 entries, the PDO Halloumi Cheese Organic a Halloumi Cheese made by Charalambides Christis Ltd, won the coveted Silver Award in the world’s most prestigious cheese-only event.

The PDO Halloumi Cheese Organic impressed some of the world’s leading experts in cheese, featuring cheesemakers, cheesemongers, buyers, chefs, retailers, and writers. The cheeses were scored on aspects such as the appearance of the rind and paste, as well as the cheese’s aroma, body, and texture, with most points awarded for flavour and mouthfeel.

The award-winning PDO Halloumi Cheese Organic is made with Organic Cow’s, Goats & Sheep’s milk. “We are delighted to have won a silver award at this year’s World Cheese Awards for our PDO Halloumi Cheese Organic,” Charalambides Christis Ltd, Exports Manager at Company said. “Having the seal of approval from so many experts in the cheese world is priceless for a cheesemaker. At Charalambides Christis Ltd, we put everything we have into our cheeses and only strive to make the best for our customers, so winning this trophy proves it’s all been worth it.”

This year’s World Cheese Awards was the 34th edition and has seen more entries than ever before with a record-breaking 4,434 cheeses submitted from 42 countries and 900 companies from around the globe (10.9% UK based, 89.1% international). The cheeses included increased entries from Canada, Argentina, Slovenia, and Israel. India followed its first entry in 2021 with several more this year and Ukraine saw a huge increase in entries after the World Cheese Awards was moved to Wales from its original 2022 location of Kyiv. Well-established cheesemaking nations such as France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom were well represented by both returning and new entrants, with a notable increase in Swiss entries.

All entries were judged in a single day, as 250 experts from 38 different nations studied their appearance, texture, aroma, and flavour. Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Super Gold accolades were awarded during the morning session before the Super Golds were reassessed to find this year’s top 16 cheeses and this year’s World Champion Cheese.