Cane Toad Ruby Eyes Chocolate Rum the latest from Zymurgorium

Zymurgorium we are the first ever to use Ruby Chocolate to make a spirit. Premium Rum has been blended with this newly discovered spice to give a never before experienced flavour & textures of silk, deep chocolate and ripe berries and each bottle will contribute to combating invasive species.

Fed up with lack lustre rums, Zymurgorium has got its sights set on lighting up the rum industry in a blaze. As with all its products it is here to bring endeavouring quality; delightfully expand your minds with innovation and make your taste buds implode with flavour.

Here at Inside Food and Drink we have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to get our hands on a bottle and here are our thoughts.

First of all, let’s get the overall impression out of the way, it is a great tasting drink. It is sweet however, this may put off those who like more traditional unflavoured rum, but I don’t believe that this is the target market. For those who enjoy spiced rum, like myself, then I can see the potential that this rum has as a new and exciting alternative the spiced rum formula.

As for more details on the taste, it is smooth and has definite notes of red berries. I did get less of a chocolate flavour come through, but it is certainly present. I tried the rum three different ways, on the rocks, with lemonade and with diet coke.

On the rocks it was a wonderful sipping experience, where the sweet red berries really shone through. When mixed with coke it gave a really pleasant boozy strawberry cola vibe and when mixed with lemonade I the fruity nature of the rum was more pronounced.

All in all, a stellar take on flavoured rum, I urge you to try it for yourself it certainly is unique, you won’t find another rum quite like it.

You can read more on the brands new rum collection here

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