First established in 1994 as a solution to regional import challenges, Eurocas is the vision of Adelina and Stelian Tigu. Now, the company produces an exceptional range of baking ingredients, including hugely popular dairy-free options. Product Manager Silviu Tigu discussed the company’s latest product releases and gave insight into why Eurocas is taking the vegan sector by storm. Report written by Imogen Ward. 

Wildcraft Brewery 

As dozens of breweries close across the UK amid the economic crunch, Norfolk’s Wildcraft Brewery is bucking the trend thanks to its strong community feel, commitment to sustainability and, of course, its popular gluten-free brews. Founder and Chief Brewer Mike Deal related the story of the company. Profile by Andy Probert. 


Surgital® SpA has been producing the best frozen fresh pasta for food service, large-scale distribution, private labels and retail for over 40 years. International Marketing Specialist Arianna Testi highlighted the quality and variety of pastas within the portfolio, in conversation with Phil Nicholls.

N. Th. Kouroushis Ltd

N. Th. Kouroushis Ltd was founded in 1959 in Cyprus by John Kouroushis. A traditional family business, it produced and supplied dairy products. Over the ensuing decades, Kouroushis has grown and evolved, but it remains committed to the same core values. Nikos Stavropoulos, UK Commercial Director, explained more to Hannah Barnett. 

W Hydrocolloids

W Hydrocolloids, Inc. is a cornerstone in aquacultural innovation. The Filipino company has been marketing its products throughout the world under the trade name RICO® CARRAGEENAN for more than 50 years. Hannah Barnett spoke to Vice Chairman of the W Group Rosalind Wee, Sales & Marketing Manager Arra Sangalang-Quimosing, Technical Advisor May Sandoval, and Marketing Supervisor Carla Guevarra.

The Bay Tree Food Company

The Bay Tree Food Company is a highly successful manufacturer of jams, chutneys and condiments. With an annual turnover of just under £5 million (£1 million of which is generated solely from the food service industry), the company is a hit within the UK market. Founder and Managing Director Emma Macdonald discussed the company’s award-winning ranges and its plans for the future, in a report written by Imogen Ward.  

Royal Mediterranean 

Royal Mediterranean has manufactured healthy and innovative preserved foods for more than 90 years. Serving customers in over 30 countries worldwide, the company has continued to grow and advance within the food industry. Business Development Manager Argyris Tsatsoulis discussed the company’s vision for growth and its current capabilities, in conversation with Imogen Ward. 

Pitreavie Group

Pitreavie Group is a market leader of innovative packaging, that provides the food and drink sector with the very best delivery solutions. Group Manufacturing Director Scott Alexander and Michelle Ottolini, Business Unit Director for the chilled packaging division, Sorbafreeze, explained how the group has been improving on sustainability. Report written by Imogen Ward. 

PIP Innovations

PIP Innovations is a Dutch technology company delivering new technologies and intelligent robotic cutting systems to potato, vegetable and fruit processing. “We are delivering the highest capacity, most accurate and reliable results in the food processing industry,” said Managing Director Jeroen Pannekoek. Colin Chinery reports.

NIKODAN Process Equipment

NIKODAN Process Equipment, based in Denmark, designs and manufactures complete automation solutions and conveyors for several markets. Within the food industry, NIKODAN Process Equipment has earned a formidable reputation for solving complex automation challenges in food production, with conveying solutions and integrations that ‘close the gaps’ in processes. Sales Director Ranj Azad spoke to Richard Hagan about the company’s ability to find intelligent solutions.