Coalza was founded in 1963 and immediately began to play an important role in the development of the Spanish industry. Thanks to the company’s vertical packaging solutions, artisan producers were able to take their first steps towards industrialisation. Hannah Barnett spoke to CEO Fernando Fernández Garcés to find out more.  


ICOEL is dedicated to the research and development of cutting-edge technologies for the fruit and vegetable market. Owner and General Director Bruno Stravato explained ICOEL’s innovative mindset.

Wyma Europe

Beginning as a single coffee shop in Patras, Greece, Coffee Island has blossomed into an international franchise network, backed up by its own production and packaging centre. Report by Phil Nicholls.

Regal Springs Europe

For over three decades, Regal SpringsEurope Gmbh has been cultivating premium tilapias through highly responsible aquaculture. Managing Director Petra Weigl and Product Manager Anne-Marie Koch discussed the many benefits of tilapia. Report by Phil Nicholls.


Primaflor was established in the 1970s as a family-run enterprise in Pulpí, Almería, southeast Spain. The company has been in the fresh produce business since the eighties, meticulously nurturing all the vegetables it grows, while responsibly preserving the surrounding environment. Cecilio Peregrin, Corporate Director, explained the secret of Primaflor’s success to Hannah Barnett.


First founded in 1992, Frutco has remained a major supplier within the natural ingredients market. With vast experience in tropical fruit trading, the company has recently expanded its offering, further developing its line of juices. Deputy General Manager Stefan Fischer explained more, in an exclusive interview with Inside Food & Drink. Report by Imogen Ward.

Tradin Organic

Tradin Organic is the global front-runner for organic ingredients. With an extensive worldwide network of suppliers, the company is a strong player in the modern organic food industry. Tradin sources premium, certified-organic ingredients and has more than 150 products linking famers from over 60 countries of origin to manufacturers in Europe, the US and Asia. Rafal Taciak, Commercial Director of Cocoa, Sugar & Sweeteners, explained to Imogen Ward and Hannah Barnett how the company thrives. 

Brook Bakery

In a corner of Shiregreen, Sheffield, lies Brook Bakery, a company that boasts an impressive 35-year journey in the bread and confectionery business. Director & Company Secretary Susan Gravill fondly shared with Richard Hagan the story of the company’s evolution and how it rolls with the ever-changing trends of the industry.


Diatosta specialises in the exclusive manufacturing of toast and mini toast. Its sister company, Rialto, offers a diverse range of bread-based products such as breadcrumbs, croutons and flavoured toast. The two companies are jointly owned but keep their products and marketing separate. Hannah Barnett spoke to Tiago Lameiro, Communication & Marketing at Rialto, and Vitor Barbosa, Director of Exports at Diatosta, to find out more. 

Milish Bakery

With a history as rich as its muffins, Milish Bakery has been baking scrumptious treats for more than 60 years. Milish’s strong roots within Dublin’s historic high street bakeries is an important part of that journey, and the bakery has recently updated its name to reflect this. Sales Director Gillian Wilson spoke exclusively to Inside Food & Drink to explain more about this exciting development. Report written by Imogen Ward.