Merchant Gormet

Merchant Gourmet

Merchant Gourmet is an expert in high-quality chestnut products and its latest releases are no exception. Ingeniously announcing a snacking chestnut for those who crave a lightly salted taste sensation, with only 65 calories per pack, this snack is the perfect, guilt-free choice for any hungry foodie. The salty seasoning was refreshing and added depth …

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Teleport yourself into the centre of the Amazon rainforest with any of the three amazing blends from D’Amazonia, Health & Fitness, Sleep and Digestive. The entire range is Inspired by the natural power of the Amazon rainforest. We have found your perfect tea for the whole day! Packaging Sleek, dark & descriptive! The informative packaging …

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All the pleasure of drinking, but without the alcohol. Naturally crafted from the perfect blend of premium ingredients using our special Zero Gradi™ technology, BOLLE is an alcohol-free sparkling drink, made with Italian flair. So, you get all the pleasurable taste and sensation of drinking, but none of the drawbacks. Packaging Wow, wow, wow! What …

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Popcorn Kitchen

Popcorn Kitchen is a small batch, artisanal operation that only works with best-in-class ingredients and stubbornly refuses to be party to any ‘quick-fix,’ synthetic short-cuts.

Kirker Greer Spirits have just unveiled the latest addition to the whiskey category, Bowsaw Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Distilled and matured in the north of Kentucky near the mighty Ohio River, Bowsaw Straight Bourbon Whiskey has a unique mash bill comprising 75% corn, 21% rye and 4% barley.  Using a 21% high rye mash bill, it is aged for over 3 years in new #4 char American oak barrels before bottling at 40%. …

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Fen Farm Dairy

The dairy segment of our picnic selection has been provided by Fen Farm Dairy, who in just a few short years have taken the UK food scene by storm. The dairy’s signature Baron Bigod cheese has become a beloved menu staple of top chefs and is known to frequently grace the tables of royalty.

Moons Green Charcuterie

If you want to find Britain’s most exciting pair of charcutiers, go no further than Owley Farm in the heart of the Kentish Weald. Here you’ll discover British Charcuterie pioneers, and the inventors of Beer Sticks, John Doig and Ian Jones, the owners of Moons Green Charcuterie.

ADRIATICO Bianco, A New Generation of Premium Amaretto

ADRIATICO launched in September 2019 and is a range of two new generation, premium amarettos, made from handpicked Italian almonds and 100% natural, Italian ingredients in Puglia. The all-natural ingredients in ADRIATICO bring a much more floral touch that when sipped neat, or paired with a ginger beer or tonic, will delight lovers of this rediscovered liqueur.