STAMH is an engineering company providing consultancy, design, engineering, delivery, and implementation of complex automated warehouse equipment, including warehouse management software. Established in 2000, the Austrian headquartered company operates in Bulgaria, Greece, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and other countries around the globe.



Ÿnsect, the world leader in producing natural insect ingredients, is making significant strides in the human food market amid rising demand for healthy, eco-friendly eating.

J&K Ingredients

New Jersey’s J&K Ingredients Inc is a leading manufacturer of bakery ingredients for the baking industry throughout the world, with a history stretching back to 1899. President James Sausville discussed the extensive product range and the latest projects at J&K Ingredients, in conversation with Phil Nicholls.

Esquires Coffee

Esquires Coffee

Esquires Coffee, the global coffee shop chain with a community spirit, is set to expand post-pandemic. “The focus right now is on growth within the UK and Ireland, both organically and possibly by acquisition,” confirmed CEO Aiden Keegan in an interview with Romana Moares.



Filo specialist Ioniki has over 30 years’ experience creating frozen pastry and puff pastry products, with a focus on Greek and Mediterranean flavours. Export Sales Area Manager Nikos Filippas discussed Ioniki’s product range and expansion plans in conversation with Phil Nicholls.

Mani Foods

Mani Foods SA

Founded in 1990, Mani Foods SA is a family business that produces, packages and exports olives and olive oil. It is based in Kalamata, Greece – home of the famous olive variety – and is proudly female led, a rarity in its industry.

Hellenic Dairies

Hellenic Dairies SA

Hellenic Dairies SA has over 35 years’ experience producing high-quality dairy products and other foods from the traditional Greek Mediterranean diet and culture. Managing Director Olympus Dairy UK Ltd Nikolaos Stavropoulos outlined the latest events and products in discussion with Phil Nicholls.

Vertical Future

Vertical Future

Vertical Future is a revolutionary and unique agricultural technology company, who over the last six years, has focused its efforts on inventing and implementing advanced vertical farming technology for its clients.